So you want to start a food truck business!

It’s amazing how many new food trucks launch nationwide each year. It’s a great opportunity to be in business for yourself with a smaller capital investment compared to a brick and mortar restaurant.

After getting over the excitement to make the plunge, it’s time to step back and let reality set in.  How qualified are you in launching a food truck business?  Have you worked in the restaurant industry or even a food truck before?  Many will venture into the business without ever setting foot on the other side of the food truck window.

If you don’t have the time, patience or even knowledge to launch the business, it’s a wise choice to learn from those who have done it successfully.  Talk to other food truck operators on how they’ve learned and mastered their operation.  Learn from other food truck entrepreneurs and ask how they continue running their business without their business running them.  More importantly, take a class on starting a business in general.  There is so much to learn about starting a food-related business than just the cooking.  After getting a good grip on the basic business knowledge, learn from those who design and build food trucks to understand the determining factors of the overall layout and design scope.

There are many programs out there that teach basic business entrepreneurship.  There are specialized classes that teach how to start businesses in different industries, including the food truck business.

This leads me to a great opportunity coming up next month at Vance Granville Community College.  I’ll be teaching a 4 class series about food truck entrepreneurship.  It’s not the total package but will open up your perception of starting a food truck business, and give you information from a “hands-on” prospective from someone who actually started and operated a food truck for many years.  As you learn more about the business you want to build, you’ll be better equipped to make better business decisions on starting and successfully running your operation!

Ray Chow 
Experience : in the restaurant business for 20 years, 10 years in catering, operating food truck for the last 7 years.

See attached PDF flyer with details about the VGCC Course.

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